Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Acclimatization Day 6

On our run back from Handies to Grouse Gulch, Jim and I came across  a piece of steel junk in the valley above the trail head. Being a large piece of iron 50 feet below us, it obviously became the object of target practice for rock throwing. After amusing ourselves for few minutes we continue down trail closer to the wreck and discover what it actually is. Check it out:

Hardrock Acclimatization: Day 6, July 10, 2012

Summary: AM: Manual labor volunteering with HR HQ setup, PM: 1st ever (and probably only) HR100 Prologue Time Trial.
Distance Covered: 2 miles
Vertical Gain: 0 ft

Notes about the day: After breakfast we decided to walk the last miles of the course and eventually started a walk up to Christ of the Mines Shrine on the north side of Silverton. On the way we met up Louise Mackenzie who said we looked like volunteers. A few minutes we were loading soda into the back of her truck and riding through downtown Silverton on the back of tail gate.
1 mile time trial: Somewhere along the line we got the dumb idea to do a time trial on the track (I think it came from Eric and I noticing the track across town when were up at the Shrine). So at 4:30 we all met at the Silverton track for a 1 mile time trial. The object was a handicapped start with each runner departing with a stagger based on their predication. The object was for everyone to finish at the same time. Mike Dobies and his nephew, Bill Losey, Jim and Eric Harris, Bob Combs and myself all participated. Eric finished with a 5:05, I had a 5:34 and Jim ran 6:17. Running a hard mile at 9500 feet was much more taxing than I had expected.

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